Ok, I’m even a bit ashamed calling this upgrading thing I did a DIY but, you can do it yourself so that justifies it a little. As I told you before I have a bit of a package fetish and it goes pretty far. Laundry detergent, cleaning products, dishwashing liquid and even beauty products.. I can’t stand the original package 99% of the time. So when it comes to the products I use on a daily basis their looks are pretty important. I was browsing trough the beauty isle at Kruidvat a few weeks ago when I noticed their basic line of skin care products. The brown glass jars immediately appealed to me but the bright-colored labels put me off. So, why not change them?  I bought the products I thought would fit my skin type best and started peeling off the labels as soon as I got home. They are extremely sticky but with some nail polish remover and a bit of scrubbing the job is done in a few minutes. The labels were a piece of cake as well using my Dymo label maker. So there you have it, stylish looking products you want to display in the bathroom instead of hiding them!

Oh, by the way! The products itself are great too. I wanted to give them a try first before posting this DIY and by now I even bought some refills. Not everything is here to stay tough, some of the jars I refilled with my ‘own’ stuff.