I’ve had a thing for marble for ever since I can remember, but saying you liked it was absolutely not done in the past. It was tacky and associated with people you didn’t want to be associated with. I can remember sitting on a marble floor of a luxury department store and tracing all the lines with my finger, I must have been around three or four at the time. I told my grandma, who took me shopping, I really liked the floors. “That’s not for people like us” she said. Followed by “and it’s way too expensive too!’. When I started noticing marble items on blogs and on Pinterest I got really excited! I guess it’s true that everything comes back in style at a certain point. When I was triftshopping I spotted these marble ‘plates’. I immediately grabbed them and let out a little squeak. I paid €1,25 for the small one and €1,50 for the biggest, what a steal! On another triftshop trip I saw the marble coasters and at 0,50 cents a piece they had to come home with me as well. Later on I also spotted three tea light holders that I off course couldn’t leave behind either. I didn’t really know what to do with the two plates. I had them on my kitchen counter for a while, but after moving things around in the house, I thought one of them may be the same size as one of my bell jars. Of course I had to try it right away, and tadaaaa! It fit! I had to try the other ones as well and with some kind of crazy luck I had a marble bottom for all my bell jars. Yay!