I was never comfortable sharing my own pictures on Instagram and somehow that lead to not checking out everyone else’s pictures as well. I have missed out on a lot of fun, really kind people, so many beautiful pics and tons of inspiration, what a shame! Now I finally started and I can’t stop looking at all those inspiring images. Trough Instagram I have also discovered a lot of new blogs that I wouldn’t have found otherwise. Milou Nieuwenhuis is one of those people with a great feed and an inspirational blog as well. Some more (Dutch) discoveries are Marion with her peaceful pastel feed, Harten8 from the same named webshop and the creative vtlife82.

It will take some time before I make a habit out of grabbing the camera and uploading my snapshots straight to Instagram but, so far so good! I absolutely love it and I hope there comes a day I can inspire people as well! You can check out my feed here if you like.