As I told you before we live in a rental appartement and apart from (re)decorating there is not much we are aloud to change. There’s no dishwasher connection and the kitchen isn’t much of a looker either. Personally I absolutely hate doing the dishes, food residues in the drain give me the creeps somehow. Pretty strange for someone who loves food! I’ve tried to make it a little more fun by changing some of our dishwashing stuff. We had the traditional yellow dish cloths and a bright blue dishwashing brush, yuk! A visit to Dille & Kamille, Flying Tiger and Albert Heijn lead to these new buys. The natural Marseille soap in the first picture is great for doing dishes and lasts a lot longer than normal dishwashing liquids. Nice side effect; your hands get incredibly soft as well!
 Dishwashing essentials. Nordic, scandinavian, neutral kitchen accessories.