Some trends are just not for me, others I can’t get enough of. Cactuses (and succulents) are all over the place at the moment, so this trend is definitely not going by unnoticed in our house. I havent even photographed all of them, there are some more in the bathroom and in our ‘office’ as well. It’s been a little quiet on the blog the last week or so because of some (too) spontaneous DIY-ing. One night my boyfriend and I were enjoying a peaceful evening together, watching a movie with way too many snacks. When suddenly we both looked around and said it was a little too dark in the house. We had three ceiling high bookcases in the living room with a black back panel we painted ourselves. Had. Within a few minutes we cleared out the shelves and started painting them white again. While we were busy painting the back panels we suddenly decided that the grey wall in the hallway had to go too. It was around 3.30 when we went to bed with ‘new’ bookcases, a white hallway and a wall in the living room painted. I’m really happy with the result, but a little less happy with the mess we made! So the last few days I’ve been busy getting everything back to normal. Next time we should definitely plan things like this in advance. Can you manage the urge to change something straight away, or are you a spontaneous DIY-er as well?